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At AstenJohnson, sustainable business practices have long been central to who we are as an organization. With stewardship guiding our company as a core value, we strive to manage all resources with deep wisdom and great care. Through prudent selection of raw materials, minimizing of facility waste, and adoption of energy efficient processes, all our production, transportation, and logistics are designed to monitor and reduce environmental impact. We equally commit ourselves to delivering the best for our people. Creating a safe, fair workplace marked by constant improvement, principled business ethics, and financial integrity, we enthusiastically advance the rich AstenJohnson legacy over two hundred years in the making.   

In 2015, our global sustainability practices were officially formalized in alignment with best practices through a partnership with third-party consultants, Strategic Sustainability Consulting. This effort identified the key performance measures by which we now mindfully guide our operations and established a framework for regular public reporting that measures and documents the ongoing sustainability practices of our organization.

Our history of service to the pulp and paper industry dates back to the 1700s. Today, we still stand side by side with papermakers around the globe to eagerly maintain the spirit and camaraderie of our shared passion and craft, while boldly innovating its future. Further, as our longstanding expertise in manufacturing processes and products finds new application through our family of companies, we pledge to manage our environmental footprint, protect all workers, and conduct business in a manner that weaves our next century as carefully and conscientiously as the last.