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Paper Mill Products

Every mill and every machine is unique. We’ll work with you to understand the distinct characteristics of your mill and keep operations running optimally. Across our entire line of fabrics, equipment and components, we strive for partnership with our customers to deliver the best possible balance of useful life, cost and performance while looking out for business opportunities through replacements and rebuilds. Browse below to view our portfolio, identify relevant case studies and engage with our papermaking experts.

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Hydrolysis Resistant Dryer Fabrics

We offer several products with well balanced hydrolysis resistance in all perm ranges with MonoTier weave advantages.

MonoTier® Dryer Fabrics Platform

The MonoTier dryer fabrics are low permeability, smooth surface fabrics with very high contact area.

Smart Surface Technology™ (SST) Dryer Fabrics

The Smart Surface Technology dryer fabric helps prevent the formation of bigger contaminant particles, improving life and performance on positions where contamination is a problem.

Spiral Dryer Fabrics

The Spiral fabric is a mid to high permeability spiral fabric for conventional positions.