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Incredibly Smooth: Low Friction Material Increases Fabric Durability, Reduces Energy Consumption

Juni 13, 2018

The typical way to improve fabric life in the forming section is to use larger yarn diameters on the bottom-side strands which make them more wear-resistant.  However, larger strands can create undesired fabric bulk, reduce machine efficiency, and compromise the dryness of the sheet as it enters the press section.


At AJ LABS, we wondered if smoother might be better than bigger.  Enter EcoLife: a wear-resistant filament material with low-friction additive. 


Forming fabrics wear most at their driest point: the vacuum boxes at the end of the forming section.  By reducing the friction between fabrics and vacuum elements, AJ engineers also cut the amount of power required to drive the fabric around the forming table.


All told, EcoLife fabrics can retain a thinner caliper, significantly extend lifespan, and reduce energy consumption up to 15%.