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CentraFlow® Forming Fabric

CentraFlow AJ-416 is a unique MD tied triple layer structure that provides high sheet support and controlled early drainage for improved overall dewatering, better couch solids and increased retention on printing and writing grades. The MD “Structured Yarn” technology reduces fabric caliper and void volume to produce a cleaner running forming section and reduced wet end breaks. The 6 shed wear side and 3:2 CD yarn ratio provides superior stability and wear potential for all machine configurations.

Product Benefits:

  • Controlled drainage: enhanced formation and fines & filler
  • Fine fabric surface: easy sheet release and low fiber carry back
  • Enhanced stability: reduced CD profile variation
  • Robust wear side: high abrasion resistance and longer life potential
  • EcoLife materials: increased fabric life potential and reduced drive loads
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David McVey

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