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Hydrolysis Resistant Dryer Fabrics

We offer several products with well balanced hydrolysis resistance in all perm ranges with MonoTier weave advantages.

Product Benefits:

  • Longer life in main evaporation positions
  • Improved security thanks to two separate warp systems
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Quick and easy seaming
  • No seam marking
North America For More Information, Contact:

Blake Farmer

Dryer Product Business Leader E-mailblake.farmer@astenjohnson.com
Europe For More Information, Contact:

Dieter Kuckart

Dryer Product Manager E-maildieter.kuckart@astenjohnson.com
Asia For More Information, Contact:

Simon Zhao

Dryer Product Manager E-mailsimon.zhao@astenjohnson.com
Asia For More Information, Contact:

Barry Wang

Dryer Product Manager E-mailbarry.wang@astenjohnson.com